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Do not rent a RV from They are a bunch of crooks.

I have been trying for 4 months now to get my deposit back on a RV I rented. I took the RV back in better shape than when I rented it and still can't get my deposit. The company has made numerous promises that my deposit would be returned to my account, but no action.

The customer support is terrible, and just getting them to answer the phone is a feat in itself. If you value your hard earned money do not rent from them.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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GetRV arranged a rental back in October. Several days prior to the client picking up my coach, i called GetRV to inquire as to my payment as the renter had already made full payment to them. they assured my check was being overnighted and to go ahead and proceed with the rental.

I regrettably allowed the renter to take my coach for their trip as the issue was with GetRV and the client had paid in full. When the check did not arrive as agreed, I called GetRV and again was assured the check was on it's way.

Several weeks later I contacted the company's controller who advised me much of their accounts had been frozen due to chargebacks from renters credit cards and all payments were delayed. I was, of course, extremely heated and had a few choice words. I was advised payment was being made and was given an apology.

Middle December, I received 1/2 of the money they owed to me. We are now mid January and the person I was dealing with is no longer with the company - quit, I'm sure and I am dealing with a new person. So far - still waiting on payment.

Lesson here is if you are a coach owner, make sure you receive payment BEFORE the client picks up your coach.

Or use Craigs List and do it yourself.

#388540 is not paying their bills. They rented out my RV for a week in October and still have not paid me.

Will not return emails or voice mail. Do not rent your RV out unless you are paid up front.


We listed our Class A MH with They rented our RV for the Burning Man event.

They were paid up front from the renter and we still have not been paid months later. The renter loved our RV but now we cant even get a return phone call from Seems like they only answer phones or return phone calls when they can collect. I am filing a complant with the BBB even though they are not memebers.

My next step is to take legal action. This was our first rental experience and will be the last with these ripoff people!!


We have had our RV listed with GetRV for 5 years and have had problems getting the money for them for rentals. They now owe us approx. $1700 for two rentals and no longer return our calls.


GetRV is not reliable. Getting someone on the phone is very difficult as discribed by others on this site. The process was easy and worked as planned--pick up etc, but the RV was old and had holes in the top (pop up camper), was difficult to put up and down and generally just old, rusty and overpriced. The biggest concern was that one of our children fell out of the end of the camper because the person who went over how to set it up didn't give com

plete details on the process.

Overall mostly we were disappointed in the cost vs condition of the camper and will not use them again. I also could not contact anyone to talk about our complaint. I think it was overpriced for the condition. We could have rented a 3 bedroom cottage in the area we camped in for only twice the amount we paid for this old camper.

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