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Don't list your camper with We are still waiting for a payment from a 2 week rental back in Sept 2011.

Do not rent your RV until you get payment first. They won't respond to emails or phone calls anymore, so we are now taking it up in small claims court. They are also not accredited members of BBB but their rating is a D-.

If they owe you money, contact the General Attorneys Office - Dept of Consumer Affairs in Texas

I filed a complaint with them and we received a letter they are investigating the matter.

I'm checking into a class action suit as well for all those that are owed money. Hey - the renters paid so why are they holding the money?

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This company advertises taking reservations for RV rentals to the general public. Private owners who own RV's register with the company and in turn receive payment from less any commissions for rentals. is still taking bookings from consumers and not forwarding the payments to the private owners. I provided a rental for them in Nov. 2011. Payment less commissions totaled $836.04.

I received a check from them in Dec. 2011 for 50% of the amount.

After a dozen phone calls and a few emails and continued promises by their controller to remit balance of payment I have yet to receive the payment of $418.02 as of Mar. 12, 2012.

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rv owe me for a rental for nov 2011


hi - I just sent you an email - I'm hoping to get more people intersted. I've sent some feelers out to some class action attorneys today.


I went ahead and filed a complaint as well at that link that you provided.


Is there someway I can contact you by phone or email? I am dealing with the same problem you are and finally today emailed them to say if I didnt have my money by Monday I would be filing a suit in small claims court.

You seem to be one step ahead of me so If I can get some information from you that would be great. My email address is

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